Robin Thicke vs George Michael - Lost Without Careless Whispers

This mix has been brewing for over 6 months or more. Robin Thicke is an amazing singer/songwriter who I have liked for a few years now. He's finally having success and I was excited to find the pella for his hit "Lost Inside U." I already mixed Robin's first single "Wanna Love You Girl" with Pet Shop Boys and I had to really stretch and cut Robin's vocals to make that work. Robin's r'n'b vocal accapellas are difficult to mash or remix with his stylings and timings of his lyrics. With that, I knew the track had to stay a ballad, so what to do? Most of my boots are new school meets old school and in keeping with that I came across the instrumental of George Michael's Careless Whisper. I heard a few simularites in my head of the two tracks.. but Robin had to be phrased a bit different to work. I knew it was going to need some serious vocal stretching, cutting and pasting to make it sound right. Honestly, I doubted that it could be done or even if i had the patience to make it work without it being resung. I played a rough demo to remixer Rhythm Scholar and he told adamantly "I had to finish that, that i was really on to something there.." So like most boots I left it alone and returned later to it and worked it out and my 'monster' came alive. I added George Michael back in for the "guest appearance" with Robin ad-libbing under. It amazes me how well they work and vibe together and it also makes you realize why we dont see many bootleg ballads!


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Copycat said...

Hey - enjoyed your background blurb for this track. Really adds another dimension to it. Keep it up.

The track's great obviously - goes without saying. Later /Cc

Creative Diva said...

Sorry that I dont care for it as muc, but I bet you put a lot of hard work into it! I guess Im a RT purist. I love the song as is. Same with Careless whisper I guess.


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