When Radioactive Doves Cry (Apollo Zero Reconstruct) - Princes vs Kraftwerk vs Pet Shop Boys

This is what it sounds like when Minneapolis meets Germany. Radioactive Doves Cry.

Prince - When Doves Cry
Kraftwerk - Radioactitiy (William Orbit Remix)
Pet Shop Boys - Minimal (M Factor Dub)

Version 2
Requested alternative version with the silence gap edited out and a few samples on the end with beefed up drums at end.

or download thru mediafire
Version 1

Version 2

Download Version 2


Doodle Whore said...

Love your mash-ups! Very clever combinations, mister. Indeep and John Mellencamp? You've got skills.

ApolloZero said...

Thank you doodle.. like your Morrisey blog!

Vita said...

Great !!!
Love your mash-ups! X 2
Many thanks for sharing !!!