Apollo Zero ReEdit> Twin Image My Baby Loves Me (Do Do)

This is an Apollo Zero ReEdit.. a song that i like but want to make it cooler by making my own edit of it. This song "Do Do" by the girl group Twin Image, i made it more of a dub version for the great beats and synths to shine.

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Depeche Mode Vs Grand Popo Football Club - Shame Machine

Going back to Depeche Mode's roots here's a new old tune with political overtones, Shame from Constuction Time Again blended nicely with Grand Popo Football Club's Smashing Machine. These two songs become one hot synth dance floor greatness soon to be burning up Ipods everywhere.

Depeche Mode - Shame (Vocal Extraction and synth lines)
Grand Popo Football Club - Smashing Machine (Personally cut up to backing instrumental)

Enjoy the World Premiere at Audio Porn Central.

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