Coldplay+Donna Summer+Morrissey+Saint Etienne+Marky Mark & Donnie Walhberg+Ryuichi Sakamoto+Jack Keroauc+Mick Jones - Kick The Serious Flavors

This is a bit of an epic one.. kicking the serious flavors..

Marky Mark & Donnie Wahlberg - Spoken intro to Good Vibrations Remix
Coldplay - In My Place (acapella)
Donna Summer - I'm a Fire (acapella)
Morrisey - Suedehead (Sparks Remix)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Movin On (accapella)
Jack Kerouac - Beat Generation
Big Audio Dyanamite (Mick Jones countdown)- I Turned Out a Punk
Saint Etienne - How We Used To Live (Aim Remix)
Stone Roses - She Bangs the Drums (Elephant Remix)



Belle Epoque said...

Moody, cool stuff...I like!

tboy34 said...

Can't wait to hear this

kurtigghiu said...

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